Where Wedding Dreams Blossom

Photo Credits: Bridelope Productions
At Spades & Shovels, we believe in the power of floral artistry to weave enchanting tales of love and create everlasting memories. Our passion lies in bringing wedding dreams to life through the language of flowers, creating dreamy spaces for couples to get married in.

Crafting Your Perfect Love Story

Photo Credits: Intricked
In every arrangement we artfully curate, we infuse the essence of your unique love story. Our floral designs are more than just beautiful decorations; they are reflections of your journey together.

Our design style brings a lush feel with a whimsical touch. We focus on the aesthetics, colour palettes and emotions to transform your wedding space into a lush wonderland that will etch timeless memories in the hearts of all who attend your celebration.

Experience The Magic

DREAMS - Make an enquiry online. We will chat about your visions for your big day. 

DATE - We will guide you on the design concept and pricing. A deposit secures your date.

DETAILS - A final run-through on all the nitty gritty 3 months before your big day, so you can have a peace of mind, and let us do the work!