Terms & Conditions

Here at Spades and Shovels, we aim to bring love and joy through our flower arrangements. We take pride in our craft and value our customers’ satisfaction. Though your final product may vary slightly from the pictures on our website in terms of floral choice and composition, rest assured that only the highest quality of flowers will be used and it will definitely match your purchased value.
Please read the following Terms & Conditions before you entrust an order with us.


We only accept orders that are made 2 day in advance, and 3 days in advance for customised/ bridal orders from your chosen delivery date. For urgent/ same-day orders, kindly contact us via email (hello@spadesandshovels) or WhatsApp/ Telegram (+65 8893 4542).

Availability and Substitution of Flowers

Flowers are seasonal products, and subjected to availability. The variety of flowers we pick varies according to the season, occasion and creativity. Each and every single bloom is different and has its own unique shade and tone, even if it’s the same type of flowers. Hence, we seek your kind understanding that the floral arrangement you receive will differ from the pictures on our various platforms.
Should any of the flowers be unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute with the next best alternative. Please be ensured that the substituted flower would be of similar/superior value and the aesthetics of the arrangement would not be compromised.


Purchasing flowers should be quick and easy. We only accept payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa and Mastercard.
For customised/ bridal orders, we accept bank transfer or PAYNOW. Your order will only be confirmed once payment is made. Do include your mobile number in the reference and send a screenshot as proof of payment via email (hello@spadesandshovels.com) or WhatsApp/ Telegram (+65 8893 4542).

Terms of use

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Acceptance of terms

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Do read our other other policies such as Refunds & Cancellations, Delivery Policy, and Privacy Policy before you entrust an order with us.