Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers are 100% real natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and appearance for several months, without the need for water or sunlight.

How long can Preserved Flowers last?

Typically, preserved flowers will look its best for the first 3 months, depending on the environmental conditions. A humid environment, especially in Singapore, may reduce its lifespan. If well taken care of, they can last up to a year. 

How to care for Preserved Flowers?

Over time, preserved flowers will lose its colour due to the humidity and moisture in the air. Here are some tips to lengthen the life of your preserved flowers:

  1. Keep the flowers in a cool, dry environment, and away from direct sunlight.
  2. Clean and dust your flowers gently occasionally with a soft tissue or light feather duster. 
  3. Don't get them wet! Keep them away from moisture, as water will shorten the lifespan of preserved flowers drastically. Avoid placing them in your bathrooms.
  4. Mould may sometimes appear on your flowers because of the humid environment. If you spot any, cut the infected part away immediately, so that it does not spread to the other parts of the flower arrangement.

What is Faux Flower?

Faux flowers are artificial flowers. They are commonly made from materials such as paper, silk, plastic and polyester. Over the years, technology has improved the quality of faux flowers in the market, and have become popular for home decor and event decoration. They are extremely long lasting, so you may enjoy them all year round without any added stresses!

What is Sola Flower?

Sola flowers are also known as wood flowers, and they are made from wood. They are soft, pliable, and are not stiff and board-like as most would assume. With that said, Sola flowers are delicate, and need to be kept in a cool and dry environment, and away from direct sunlight. 

Can I pick my delivery timeslot?

Every purchase made includes a complimentary delivery done between 9am - 6pm. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate our customer's time preference for deliveries as we follow strictly to our delivery partner's route and timing. You may opt for our express delivery should you require your flowers to be delivered during a particular timeslot. You may find out more on our Delivery Policy

Do read our other other policies such as Refunds & Cancellations, and Privacy Policy before you entrust an order with us.